What Defines bswift: Turning Values into Action

The bswift office with their values of Higher Standards, Greater Accountability and More Fun written on the wall

It’s true – corporate values can be made up of fantastic buzzwords that sound great on paper. But the question is: do most employees actually exhibit those values in their interactions with co-workers and in the experience they provide their clients?

A 2016 Deloitte Human Capital Survey revealed that only 28% of respondents believed they understood their culture. And even less, only 19%, believed they had the “right” culture.

So it’s clear that while most companies are good at crafting statements around their culture and values, the struggle is real when it comes to creating authentic experiences where employees actually understand, embrace and practice those values in their everyday work.

Getting it right

At bswift, our values of Higher Standards, Greater Accountability and More FUN create a unifying culture that make us proud to call ourselves ‘bswifters”. For us, getting it right starts early by recruiting candidates whose passion and values already align with our own.

Our goal is finding and hiring the“51 percenters” – those whose overall talent and strengths are 49% technical and 51% emotional intelligence and attitude. It’s a concept based on the successful approach of Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group and his influential 2006 book, Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business. Applicable across all industries, the idea is that hiring great-fit employees with high emotional intelligence is essential to driving scalable, long-term business growth.

Even with the right team in place, core values need to be a constant presence in employees’ environment and every day experiences in order to flourish. That’s why bswift values take center stage in our training, communications and events – they’re even splashed across the walls!

But the best way to understand how we turn values into action (and results!) is from bswifters themselves.

Higher Standards

Delivering results better than expected

“bswift is full of innovators that are always looking for a way to break the norm.”

– Adeboye Obebe, Client Analyst at bswift

bswifters constantly encourage each other to aim high so that we’re always achieving the best possible results. At the end of the day, we think that holding ourselves to a higher standard isdirectly reflected in the experience that we provide our clients.

Naomi Berkove, Manager of Leadership and Performance, says she sees her team living up to higher standards every day.

“It’s pretty incredible to be working with a group of people where “going above and beyond” is considered normal.  It doesn’t take long to realize that people here do their best because that’s their own personal standard.”

This concept of “going above and beyond” is easily visible across all areas and departments of bswift, including bswift’s Client Services Team. Our analysts work hard to ensure bswift provides clients the most optimal experience with our technology.

When asked about “higher standards” at bswift, analyst Adeboye Obebe comments that “bswift is full of innovators that are always looking for a way to break the norm, achieve excellence and be the leader in our industry.”

Greater Accountability

A strong sense of personal responsibility

“We say we’ll support our Channel Partners, and we do it to the best of our ability…every time.”

– Anthony Fox, VP Sales & Development of Channel Partners at bswift

bswifters know it’s important to take responsibility for not only reaching our goals, but also for every step it takes to ultimately achieve them. Having a sense of “greater accountability” means taking ownership of our work and having a personal sense of pride in what we do.

For Brianna Petro, Business Development Manager of Channel Partners, the essence of “greater accountability” is about leadership.

“bswifters are leaders,” she explained. “We are committed to our clients and understand it’s our responsibility to get things done, even if it’s outside our exact job description.”

Brianna added “bswifters’ ‘can do’ attitude allows us to shine in front of prospects and clients. They know we won’t let them down and will find strategic solutions for their benefits and technology needs.”

Anthony Fox, VP Sales & Development of Channel Partners, agreed. “Accountability in my mind breaks down to a very simple statement: ‘Do what you say you’re going to do’. At bswift, our teams have a solid understanding of what needs to be done and on what timeline.”

Exactly how do bswifters exhibit a sense of “greater accountability” when working with our partners?

Anthony explained that understanding the why behind a partner is what sets bswifters apart. “We say we’ll support our Channel Partners, and we do it to the best of our ability…every time.”

More FUN

Creating an environment of trust

“Each bswifter goes above and beyond to honor commitments, and this creates a bond of trust within the company and within our client relationships that allows “more FUN” to happen naturally.”

– Patrick McGarrity, cfo (chief fun officer) at bswift

bswifters know that giving every day our “all” is essential to provide the best experience and service to our clients…and, we also strongly believe that all of this hard work should be rewarded.

As client analyst Megan Wiley puts it, “bswift exemplifies the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and hard work never goes unnoticed.” This results in an extremely supportive, progressive and positive culture.

Patrick McGarrity, bswift cfo (chief fun officer), explains that the concept of “more FUN” extends far beyond its literal interpretation. “The energetic and enjoyable environment we have at bswift didn’t just come about with all of the events, contests and candy cart deliveries…this culture is the product of the way bswifters treat one another, and moreover, the way bswifters treat our clients every day,” he explained. “Each bswifter goes above and beyond to honor commitments, and this creates a bond of trust within the company and within our client relationships that allows “more FUN” to happen naturally.”

bswifters strike a balance between handling their work with the care it requires and fostering a culture that makes doing so enjoyable.

“bswifters know how to have fun, but also realize the seriousness involved with getting a job done right,” said Lindsay Preston, Senior Strategic Manager of Sales & Business Development. “We’re passionate about creating raving fans and have no problem pushing the boundaries to make them successful.”

Lindsay added that bswift’s culture creates “a constant flow of energy in the office with new problems to solve, and a team spirit that makes everything possible.”

This is just who we are

Kristen Salustro, Senior Creative Writer of bswift’s Human-Centered Design & Development team, brings it all full circle as she takes a moment to personally reflect on bswift’s core values.

“For me, bswift’s values have always been about pushing myself to do the best that I can so that I can help my team do the best that we can. All of our individual contributions make our team and the products we create stronger, even if we can’t agree on the proper way to cut pizza (squares will never make sense, no matter how many times they shout it!

So there you have it. See why we love it here?

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