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Join our hosts, Don Garlitz and Sharon Morrissey, as they connect with founders, CEOs and executives of some of our industry’s greatest companies. Listen in to hear exciting discussions on entrepreneurship, management and what it takes to build, sustain and grow a successful company and career.

Meet your hosts

Don Garlitz

Don Garlitz
Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Don leads business development and carrier partner relationships for bswift’s marketplace and contributes to the development of consumer-facing technology, including bswift’s Ask Emma decision support tool.

Sharon Morrissey

Sharon Morrissey
Business Development Manager – Channel Partners

As a channel partner business development manager, Sharon is responsible for driving growth across the channel partner division. In addition, she contributes to bswift marketing and sales enablement programs as well as new development initiatives.

Podcast Episodes


Driving Change to Dismantle Systemic Racism
A discussion on workplace diversity & inclusion with bswift President & CEO Sanjiv Anand and Sr. Director of HR Carla Pollard Stewart

This past year, we have experienced unrest across our country sparked by the senseless loss of George Floyd’s life. At bswift, we have been deeply grieved by this loss and have made it our focus to tackle the issues of systemic racism head on. This has involved taking a very close and honest look at our practices to determine what we can do and how we can change to be even better. Sanjiv and Carla share the steps that bswift, along with our parent company, CVS Health, are taking to ensure this.



Carla Pollard Stewart and Sanjiv Anand

Season 2

Craig Hasday, EPIC Brokers President of National Employee Benefits Practice, on Navigating a Rapidly Changing Health and Benefits Marketplace

Craig Hasday, President of the National Employee Benefits Practice at EPIC Brokers, joins bWise to discuss the complexities of the current insurance marketplace. Craig explores why the employer is facing a need for a strong broker partner, now more than ever, and discusses the key areas where employers need help with employee benefit planning and administration. Craig also dives into his view of the key healthcare issues at stake this year and what opportunities may be tied to the upcoming election.



Craig Hasday

Frank Mengert

Frank Mengert, Founder and Creative Visionary of ebm, on leveraging social media to build your business

Frank Mengert, the founder and creative visionary of ebm, a HR benefit solutions consultant out of New England joins bswift to discuss all things social media and business. During our conversation we uncover the several social media platforms available to use in marketing a business and which platforms Frank leverages most successfully. Throughout our conversation, Frank provides advice and tips on how to contribute to a booming business that can be leveraged by all.


Season 1


Ed O’Malley on Empowering the Workforce

“Hire the best people, trust them and delegate with abandon.” This is just one adage we hear from Ed O’Malley, the head of insurance brokerage and consulting at NFP during his interview with us. Ed offers advice on how to engage and empower employees and urges leaders to leave room for employees to be independent, even if that means leaving room for failure.

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Marketplace Evolution with Raul Villar, CEO of Paycor

This episode offers insight from Raul Villar Jr about the evolution of the payroll market into a more holistic emphasis on human capital management, and the advantages that American companies now enjoy as a result. Raul shares three key principles he learned as a young man that have anchored his personal success, and the six guiding principles of Paycor. Raul speaks to his methods for change management, and the power that comes from challenging our routines. Our conversation comes full circle as we discuss Raul’s career path within the industry and we hear his advice on how to kickstart and sustain an inspiring and successful career.


Jamie Hawkins on the Industry Opportunity and the Modern Workforce

Jamie discusses how to start a business by finding opportunities presented by industry change and gives advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Jamie comments on the importance of establishing a strong business plan and balancing the unwavering commitment an entreprenure must have to that plan and the ability to change and adapt as needed.

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Leveraging focus and prioritization as a key to success with Paylocity President and COO, Michael Haske

Our special guest Michael Haske is a multi-talented leader of both sales and operations for one of the nation’s top human capital management companies. In this episode, we learn how Michael fell in love with sales, how he encourages his people to find their own ways to solve problems, and how he limits his focus to accomplish more. His vision of the rising generation ensures that Paylocity will be an industry leader for years to come.

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Career Long Success Strategies with Paul Rogers, SVP, Brown & Brown Inc. and President & COO of Pacific Resources

From the early days of Paul Roger’s career where he learned the importance of training, to his most recent major career move facilitating the merger of Pacific Resources Group and Brown & Brown Insurance Agency, Paul has lived by one of his favorite mottos, “plan your work and work your plan”. During our discussion with Paul, we dive into the practices that Paul feels have characterized the top members of his team, and how he has followed a mathematical formula to success. He explains the term “hire heavy”, and the impact it’s had on creating the strength of his organization. He also discusses the challenge and opportunity of aligning a decentralized organization and gives some strong tips for achieving success.

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A Sketch of Success from Mike Simonds

The COO of Unum Group speaks to his approach to engaging people, his favorite recent reading, and the value of seeing relationships in whole rather than in silos. He offers a simple tip to bring in humility as a rein on arrogance, and discusses five amazing career paths in the insurance industry. Mike shares a perspective on why this is the greatest time in the history of the world to be alive, and the importance of having a strong “Why” to drive our daily work effort.


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