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Innovative solutions backed by compassionate service.

With a people-first mindset and solution-oriented culture, we’re constantly working to understand your goals and brainstorm solutions to help you meet them. Your needs are unique, so we’re dedicated to being flexible and innovative to make sure they’re met. Our people simplify benefits administration so that you can focus on what matters most: your people.

A secure experience, end-to-end

Backed by Fortune 5 company, CVS Health, our constant reinvestment in security and innovation guarantees your company’s benefits strategy and member data are protected. Through a combination of technology, compliance and policies, we’re able to monitor and safeguard your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“We vetted bswift from a security perspective and the system passed with flying colors.”

— Benefits Specialist, Boehringer Ingelheim


Empower employees with Ask Emma™

Ask Emma is an interactive decision support tool that recognizes employees as individuals. She asks a few simple questions, then suggests plan options based on employees’ unique responses, integrated claims data and national data. Along the way, Emma translates jargon, provides cost comparisons, models health scenarios and more.

Ask Emma – and find out how easy enrollment can really be.

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An intuitive experience

Enrolling in benefits can seem a little daunting, so we’re here to make the experience as easy and straightforward as possible. bswift eliminates the
unnecessary, presents users with obvious paths to their goals and avoids overwhelming them with confusing health care and insurance words. This way, employees stay completely in control of their enrollment journey, from start to finish.

“Resoundingly, it’s the intuitive nature of the solution and how easily the employees are able to grab onto and utilize it.”

— Vice President of Sales, DirectPath

A full-service solution


Benefits Portal

  • Enrollment (Active and Retiree)
  • Employee Homepage
  • Mobile-First Site
  • Mobile App
  • Language Translation
  • Application Program Interface (API)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Connections to insurance carriers and benefits vendors through strategic partnerships
  • Parent/Child Sites
  • bswift Attest, COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Confirmation Solution

Decision Support

  • Ask Emma™ Virtual Assistant

Data & Reporting

  • Alerts & Reporting Suite
  • Dashboard
  • Web Analytics
  • Benchmarking
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Benefits Administration

  • Dependent Verification
  • HSA Administration (via PayFlex)
  • FSA and Commuter Benefit (via PayFlex)
  • Retirement Administration
  • Death Processing and Survivor Support
  • QMCSO Administration
  • EOI Approval
  • Defined Contribution
  • Total Compensation Statements


  • Billing Suite
  • Premium Billing
  • Direct Billing (Retiree and LOA)
  • Carrier Payments
  • Reconciliation
  • Closed Loop Payroll
  • Billing Services Portal and Support

Compliance Support

  • ACA Reporting and Form Processing
  • 5500 Filing Preparation and Form Processing
  • Non-discrimination Testing
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Service Center

  • Expertise in benefits, insurance, HIPAA, compliance and customer service
  • White Glove Services (survivor support, retiree counseling, executive support)
  • Telephone and Chat Services
  • Multiple Locations
  • Multilingual Support
  • Tailored for your organization

Healthcare Navigation Services

  • bswift Navigation Advocate

Employee Engagement

  • Configurable Communication Portal
    (Employee Homepage)
  • Open Enrollment & New Hire Videos
  • Benefits eGuides & Microsites
  • Custom Enrollment Communications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Fulfillment
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