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Trusting your investment to the right employee benefits partner is important to the success of your business and the well-being of your clients.

A channel partner is a contracted partner that has gone through extensive system and sales training. They provide local service and support to groups of all sizes, including those with fewer than 1,000 employees.

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bswift’s highly configurable and scalable technology puts you in the driver’s seat. You tailor the system to your clients’ needs and we’ll support you along the way. You’ll also have access to our reliable integration partners who offer a wide range of insurance, payroll/HR and wellness solutions.

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bswift currently has a variety of channel partners

  • Brokers
  • TPA
  • Payroll
  • Association
  • PEO
  • Insurance carriers
  • Private and public insurance exchanges

Partners like you put their trust in us

“bswift shares the same passion that we have for our clients… they’re motivated to grow with us.”

— Vice President of National Benefits,
Brown & Brown Insurance

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    So the flexibility that we have in the technology partner we’ve chosen is very helpful for us because we have a solution for almost anything we run into.

    We’re a small business. We need to move quickly, and at a moments notice often times and bswift helps make that happen.

    There’s just been a whole host of things that we have been able to work with bswift on that makes our life easier our school’s life easier and our members lives easier.

    The people that we work with at bswift have been fantastic. We definitely feel like bswift shares the same passion that we have for our clients.

    We’re in touch with the bswift team daily. If not daily, every other day. We have a weekly call with them. We have quarterly strategy meetings, stewardship meetings. They come to East Lansing, we come here to Chicago.

    You know the bswift teams feels like an extension of my own staff. That’s what makes it such a great relationship and a great partnership.

    I don’t think that there’s a product in the world that has the data security that bswift has. I don’t think it can be touched.

    You know what? When you’re secure you don’t think about security.

    It’s really important that the technology partner that we use, bswift, has extremely high data integrity and we’ve been really happy with that aspect of our relationship with bswift.

    So I have confidence that when technology is required as part of the solution and we deploy bswift it’s its we’re gonna be spot on in what we’re delivering and we’re gonna live up to what we commit to.

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Resources to help you grow

We offer training sessions, webinars, collateral and more to help you deliver the best experience to your clients. Plus, you can leverage our many integration opportunities. We’re always thinking of new ways to help you grow your business and scale with your clients.

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    When you need to access data to make business decisions, you shouldn’t have to check multiple locations to access the information you need. Hellooooo. There’s an easier way. bswift’s Dashboard and Reporting tools provide the information you need, all in one location. The dashboard gives you robust access to data, activity, and more, and has flexible reporting features to meet your unique needs. Let’s say you want to see how many of your employees enrolled in medical coverage or look at employee turnover from the past few years. The dashboard includes this data and more, all with easy-to-understand charts. But what can you do with that data? The reporting feature allows you to configure standard reports to filter specific census and benefit related data, allowing you to make the exact report you need. These report outputs support bulk email and SMS, making it easier to communicate to subsets of employees. To further reduce time, reports can be saved, making it easier to collect the same information on a routine basis. Recurring reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis and you’ll receive an email notifying you when they’re ready. No more searching through different folders and files each time you need to create a report. The bswift Dashboard and Reporting tool provides easy access to the robust data you need in customizable reports, all in one location. Reach out to your sales or support team to learn more.

bswift’s Strategic Partnership Program

Interested in a strategic partnership with bswift?

bswift’s partnership program simplifies how employers integrate their benefits ecosystem, centralize programs, and optimize offerings to empower employees and boost benefits utilization. bswift has a curated list of strategic and vendor partners with deep technical connections, an integrated employee experience and streamlined contracting and billing process, reducing administrative burdens for employers and simplifying benefits program management.