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Enrollment, made easy.

You have unique health and wellness goals, and we want to help you achieve them. With bswift, you don’t just sign up for benefits. Our intuitive platform and decision support tool can help you understand how each benefit works so that you can choose the best options for you. Rest assured you’ll be completely in control of your enrollment journey, from start to finish.

Looking for your employee benefits website?

Each company has a unique link to their own enrollment website. To log into your company’s enrollment website, please contact a representative from your company’s human resources department. They can share the link and log-in directions with you.

If you need more help, please call
1.877.9.bswift (1.877.927.9438).


Emma™ – Enrollment, made simple

Our built-in decision support, Emma, guides you through enrollment from start to finish. She can explain confusing health care and insurance words, estimate your out-of-pocket costs and model future health scenarios. Plus she’s equipped with helpful videos and can speak Spanish fluently.

Connect with Emma – and find out how easy enrollment can really be.

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    Hi everyone!
    It’s me, Emma! I am super excited
    to fill you in on some major upgrades I’ve gotten.
    And it’s not just my haircut
    (thanks for noticing),
    I’ve literally been transformed from the inside out.
    Now, I’m packing some serious AI power
    and intuitive, modern user experience for:
    smarter decision support, expanded guidance
    for customized alternative health plan decision support,
    cost-saving, surgery benefit details
    and specialty prescription info
    and enhanced service center capabilities.
    Navigating benefits options – deciphering plan details,
    and finding the right medical, dental, vision,
    and now even voluntary
    or supplemental benefits – has never been easier.
    And with my natural language AI skills, I’ll chat
    like I’m talking to an old friend.
    For example, if you asked, “What’s an HSA?”
    I’ll break it down simply – day or night.
    And when you need extra support, I’m like a co-pilot
    for your customer service rep.
    Hi, yes, uh, my name is Adrian.
    I’m calling today to find out what I can do
    to add our baby to my benefits.
    Wow, congratulations.
    I’ll work alongside them providing relevant info
    and details so they can quickly help you out.
    So, whether it’s answering questions, making recommendations,
    or supporting your customer service experience,
    I am right there as your helpful guide –
    every step of the way.
    Pretty cool, right?



Enroll wherever, however.

Phone, tablet, computer – employees can enroll and update their benefits elections wherever they want, however they want.

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