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Be informed about the ever-changing world of benefits.

We want to help our customers and partners stay ahead of the curve in the complex and rapidly changing world of benefits and health care. bswift encourages dialogue and offers useful information through our resources.

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ArticlesApr 21, 2022

Your Navigation Checklist – Simplifying the Healthcare and Benefits Maze

As you define your navigation strategy, use this checklist to ensure you have the key areas your employees may need support with all covered.

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ArticlesMar 18, 2022

The Demand for Digital: Employee Experience in a Hybrid World

A quick guide to help keep your efforts employee-focused and ensure you are getting the most out of your technology investments.

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InfographicsMar 4, 2022

Benefits Technology for the Post-Pandemic Era Employee

Here are some of the top challenges employers and employees are facing today, and how an integrated and well-connected benefits technology platform can help address them.

John Hansen

PodcastsFeb 22, 2022

bWise – Ep 18: Harnessing bswift’s unique position to drive agility at scale to solve employer needs today and tomorrow

Join our hosts Don and Sharon as they meet with bswift’s new Chief Technology Officer, John Hansen.

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ArticlesFeb 17, 2022

COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Requirements: Navigating a Complex and Changing Legal Landscape

Requirements for COVID-19 testing and vaccination tracking are continuing to evolve, challenging employers with an even more complex environment to navigate. Here’s what you need to know.

Jin Oak Ha

PodcastsJan 27, 2022

bWise – Ep 17: Jin Oak Ha, President & CEO, on taking bswift to the next level in 2022 and beyond

During the discussion Jin Oak lends her thoughts on how employers are faced with different challenges than they faced 18-24 months ago in a pre-pandemic world.