Ditch the Stress: How bswift Makes Benefits Administration Easy

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    My name is Shannon McCloud, and I am SVP of the Benefits Administration Services team at NFP. I think in many of the RFPs that we are involved in, Ben admin technology is very big piece of that process. And you know, bswift is a name that people know. And I think that knowing that NFP partners with bswift attracts clients to us. I am Nikki Talley from IBTR. I manage our bswift team. IBTR has been a channel partner for over a decade. We’ve worked with bswift now for 14 years, so something’s keeping us coming back. My name is Kelly Silverman. I’m director of partnership growth for Paycor. We’ve been a long time partner with bswift for over nine years now, and I would highly recommend them to any other channel partner. As it relates to technology, I think where bswift really excels as one, their product innovation, they are definitely willing to focus in on the roadmap, create new things. I’ll reference the open enrollment wizard. It was a game changer within the industry and really helped in terms of customer success. Our customers love it. They said it’s the best thing that they’ve seen in terms of benefit administration in the past few years, so it’s really that focus on product development and product innovation. The most common piece of feedback we receive from the clients is the ease of use. It’s user-friendly from the end user employee experience to the admin user experience. You’ll never be on your own with bswift. They’re committed to your mutual success and they’re absolutely there to help you solve problems. When it comes to retention, we’ll pull out all the stops. When we say the word, they will help us to come up with a better pricing model or you know, offer a payroll file or whatever it takes for that client. They’re mutually interested in our client retention. I think bswift has a great combination of technology and support. I think you got a lot of vendors out there that do really well at one or the other, but I think bswift does very well at both.

    bswift’s innovative platform takes the hassle out of benefits administration. See how we empower HR with user-friendly tools to help deliver benefits the way they’re meant to be – simple, efficient, and painless.

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