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bswift empowers employees to achieve their health ambitions while helping you achieve your benefits strategy with administrative ease. With over 65,000 employers and +17.6 million total lives, we’ve had years of experience with employers of all industries and sizes.* Whether you’re a large, national organization with 100k+ employees or an organization with 2 – 1,000 employees, we have flexible solutions to fit your unique benefits strategy today and in the future.

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When it comes to benefits, change and complexity can seem inevitable. That’s why we offer a fully outsourced, end-to-end solution to streamline your entire HR, benefits and payroll process. Our team will help refine your benefits strategy to get the most value out of it. And, as your organization scales and that strategy evolves, we’ll tailor our solutions to fit your needs. Our flexible, agile solutions will make even the most complex changes easy.

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    LafargeHolcim is a construction materials producer, and we’re the largest construction materials producer in the world.

    I try and get out and visit my guys daily. They are hard workers. When it comes down to signing up for benefits, I want something that’s very simple for them, and that they can understand.

    We want to provide our employees with great healthcare, and the ability to access information about healthcare in a very simple way. We were working off of multiple systems and nothing was working, so we need to do something different.

    So I made a call, and got in touch with some folks from bswift. Within two weeks, we had a meeting to discuss how we could go forward with implementing the system.

    The guys are more empowered to do it by themselves, instead of needing assistance all the time, so it’s a great help for everyone.

    We work a lot of hours up here at the mine. It’s long days. It’s really hectic, and any extra time we have, we don’t want to sit around doing a bunch of paperwork. So, bswift really has helped me save a lot of time, and I can go make changes any time I want to.

    If I want to adjust my HSA withdrawal, I can just go do it myself. bswift has helped me keep track of my spending, and it helped me compare all the numbers.

    I think that HR did a great job coming forward with bswift. It way outperforms the prior system we had for benefit enrollment.

    This was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made from an organization’s perspective. Very close to 60% of the workforce actually logged on to bswift and made elections, or confirmed their election. That’s double what we’ve seen in the past, so for me, that’s a really great first year kick off, and I think those numbers will just go up.

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Our intuitive platform guides employees through their enrollment journey, start to finish. With engaging decision support, educational resources and caring customer service, we’ll help them make smarter choices about their benefits. Less confusion and fewer questions can mean better decisions and happier employees.

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Our constant reinvestment in security and innovation helps protect your company’s benefits strategy and member data.

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“We had a great two days and, as advertised, were able to make changes literally on the fly and that was such a new thing for us, we are still pinching ourselves.”

— Senior Director of Benefits,
Sony Corporation of America

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* Data current as of April 2020.