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A benefits experience that drives results.

Our goal isn’t just to provide an enrollment solution – it’s to inspire confidence in employees and connect them to the resources they need to achieve their health ambitions. We’ve transformed benefits administration to deliver a flexible, customer-focused experience from implementation and enrollment to compliance and reporting. Our cloud-based technology is highly personalized, nimble, intuitive, and easily configurable to empower your benefits program and drive deeper engagement with your employees.

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    A simplified benefits experience.

    That’s been bswift’s mission since the start. As bswift enters a new era, we’re reigniting the spark to drive innovation to new heights. Our people, process, and product are at the forefront of that innovation.

    With the new digital experience and mobile app, you can engage your employees wherever they are, on whichever device they prefer. A new personalized home page with tailored content and data integrations provides an enhanced digital experience, creating a more engaging, simplified benefits experience for your employees. And with the new mobile app, employees can enroll in benefits, verify coverage, and receive alerts right at their fingertips.

    We know benefits decisions can be a challenge for employees, so we’ve expanded our tools to provide guidance when employees need it most. Integrated provider search allows employees to see if their provider is in-network before making a Plan decision.

    Emma has been expanded to include Voluntary Benefits to help employees understand key benefit offerings during their enrollment. And bswift’s Virtual Assistant, Emma, answers employee questions and guides them to the right resources, reducing the questions coming into your HR team.

    With new integration tools, it’s easier than ever to expand your benefits ecosystem through accelerated, pre-packaged implementations.

    With new analysis tools, we’re able to deliver more accurate, timely data to help you understand what your employees need most.

    And enhanced automation tools for COBRA, Direct Billing, and OE Settings help reduce the everyday, routine tasks of your bswift team, meaning quicker results to you.

    We’re putting all the pieces together for you, creating a simplified benefits administration experience fueled by a robust set of powerful tools. But it doesn’t stop there–with new communications and engagement capabilities, we’re helping you more effectively communicate benefits information to your employees in a more comprehensive, timely and effective format.

    The excitement and energy at bswift is palpable. Join us.


Simplify Benefits and Enrollment with Powerful HR Tech

Managing employee benefits is complex. bswift’s innovations can help simplify administration and compliance, and our automation and insights can help drive efficiency. See how HR tech from bswift can transform your benefits admin strategy.

Benefits Platform

The bswift benefits portal is the hub for enrollment and benefits education year-round. It’s accessible anywhere and anytime. And employees are always equipped with the resources and information they need to make smart decisions about their benefits and health care.

  • Enrollment (Active and Retiree)
  • Employee Homepage
  • Mobile-First Site
  • Mobile App
  • Language Translation
  • API Gateway and Real-Time API Integrations
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Connections to insurance carriers and benefits vendors through strategic partnerships
  • Parent/Child Sites
  • AI-Powered Virtual Assistant
  • Provider Search

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    Benefit can be confusing.
    There’s just so many programs, acronyms, apps, documents and costs.
    It’s no wonder our eyes start to cross come enrollment time.
    But what if we can make it simpler.
    What if we looked at benefits differently?
    Here at bswift we’ve done just that.
    We’ve thought about you and how you interact with the world around you, the devices you use, and the times you need us most.
    We’ve listened to what you want to see and how you need to be supported.
    And what we heard was that this is not just benefits.
    These are personal moments in life, no matter how little, monumental, confusing or straightforward.
    And with that in mind, we’ve created a new amazing personalized experience for you.
    Whether you started a new job, had a new baby, or even adopted a new pet, bswift guides you through those moments and so much more.
    It’s not just enrollment anymore.
    We want you back here time and time again.
    When you think moments, you think bswift.
    This is your site, your moment.
    We are here for you.
    bswift – with you every moment.

bswift Mobile App

bswift Mobile App

Say hello to a streamlined, intuitive mobile experience! The bswift Mobile App offers employees seamless access to their benefits, no matter where they are. By leveraging innovative back-end technology and consumer-grade navigation and design, the app empowers employees to make smart and timely health care decisions without stress.

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“The reporting tool in itself has probably reduced our time by close to 75%.”

— Manager of Benefits, EnPro Industries

Data & Reporting

Keep a close eye on employee participation and activity with our real-time reporting and analytics tools. Learn how your workforce is using bswift and leverage this information as you refine your benefits strategy year-to-year.

  • Alerts & Reporting Suite
  • Dashboard
  • Web Analytics
  • Benchmarking

Decision Support

Emma™ is a virtual assistant that recognizes employees as individuals. She asks a few simple questions, then suggests plan options based on employees’ unique responses, integrated claims data and national data. Along the way, Emma translates confusing health care and insurance words, provides cost comparisons, models health scenarios and more.

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    Hi everyone!
    It’s me, Emma! I am super excited
    to fill you in on some major upgrades I’ve gotten.
    And it’s not just my haircut
    (thanks for noticing),
    I’ve literally been transformed from the inside out.
    Now, I’m packing some serious AI power
    and intuitive, modern user experience for:
    smarter decision support, expanded guidance
    for customized alternative health plan decision support,
    cost-saving, surgery benefit details
    and specialty prescription info
    and enhanced service center capabilities.
    Navigating benefits options – deciphering plan details,
    and finding the right medical, dental, vision,
    and now even voluntary
    or supplemental benefits – has never been easier.
    And with my natural language AI skills, I’ll chat
    like I’m talking to an old friend.
    For example, if you asked, “What’s an HSA?”
    I’ll break it down simply – day or night.
    And when you need extra support, I’m like a co-pilot
    for your customer service rep.
    Hi, yes, uh, my name is Adrian.
    I’m calling today to find out what I can do
    to add our baby to my benefits.
    Wow, congratulations.
    I’ll work alongside them providing relevant info
    and details so they can quickly help you out.
    So, whether it’s answering questions, making recommendations,
    or supporting your customer service experience,
    I am right there as your helpful guide –
    every step of the way.
    Pretty cool, right?


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