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Enabling you to achieve your unique goals.

We want to help you get the most out of your benefits strategy and enable your employees to achieve their unique goals. From our white glove service center to benefits education and more, our services are designed to help do just that.

Service Center

We supplement our technology with compassionate and responsive service to empower you and your workforce with greater control. During enrollment, we can answer those tough benefits questions. The rest of the year, we help employees manage life events, documentation and more. With many service options available, you’ll find what fits your organization best.

  • Expertise in benefits, insurance, HIPAA, compliance and customer service
  • High-Touch Services (survivor support, retiree counseling, executive support)
  • Telephone and Chat Services
  • Emma Agent Assistant: Human-Centered AI Support
  • Multiple Locations
  • Multilingual Support
  • Tailored for your organization

Learn more about how bswift’s Service Center delivers a compassionate, personal customer experience.
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    Jamie: (00:08)
    Riverside’s mission is to care for others as we care for those we love. Being a healthcare organization, we have to live our mission. We have right at 10,000 employees. Our prior vendor was not able to meet our needs. It actually cost us money because that vendor did not have the customer service and the client experience savviness as bswift.

    Tracey: (00:32)
    We keep the customer experience at the center of everything that we do. We call ourselves a service center. We’re not a contact center, we’re not a call center.

    Aaron: (00:42)
    We don’t want to put a time limit or a time cap on your conversation. We’re more so worried about the experience.

    Jamie: (00:51)
    The reason that we chose bswift was the customer service experience that our employees would receive.

    Tracey: (00:57)
    Who we recruit and how we recruit, how we train, how we performance manage. It’s all critically important for us. It’s our passion and what drives us each and every day. We hire compassionate people and work with trusted partners who have an innate need to please. They deliver confidence and they’re problem solvers. They really listen to the voice of the customer.

    Samantha: (01:23)
    Every call to me is personal because I think of it as what if it were my sister or my grandmother, you know, calling because they had a problem with their coverage?

    Chad: (01:33)
    We take pride in the fact that we can actually help in a system like healthcare, where it’s so extensive and confusing and hard to understand.

    Aaron: (01:41)
    Sometimes it’s not the question that they ask, but maybe it’s the question that they don’t know to ask.

    Chad: (01:47)
    I wanna be able to make sure I get right answers and I wanna make sure I provide those answers the way I would expect to get them.

    Jamie: (01:53)
    Once we got through the first full open enrollment, it was so much smoother. We had received tons of comments from our employees and several of our VPs to say this was so simple. It’s just completely different experience than what our employees had before.

    Tracey: (02:08)
    Did we provide the information they needed? Did we get to the unasked question? Did we make them feel good about the interaction? And if the answer is yes, we did our job.

    Samantha: (02:21)
    I want to bring that comfort and that assurance that by the end of this call, I’ve done everything you’ve needed. I want them to feel like they’re not calling a service center. I want them to feel like they’re calling their friend, Samantha.

“The performance and service delivered by the bswift service center has been nothing short of superb.”

— Manager, Global Benefits, Fortive

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Learn how bswift took employee engagement to the next level for Waters Corporation.
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    it’s enrollment time.
    Time to educate + engage
    your employees around benefits.
    This time
    there’s a benefits administration company
    that does it all for you.

    Robert DiFabio, Senior Director Global Benefits + Mobility, Waters Corporation: Within a year, we converted all of our communication education efforts over to bswift because we were so impressed. They made it so simple. I just had to tell them what my goal was and then they came up with some great things.

    Imagine bswift
    serving up the strategy,
    + delivery of
    customized + personalized
    benefits communications.
    Plus intuitive technology
    that guides your employees
    through their health care options.

    Robert DiFabio, Senior Director Global Benefits + Mobility, Waters Corporation: We see how engaged our employees are. People are using the online tools and resources and making the right decisions with them.

    getting back time to reinvest in your employees.
    What would you do?
    Let’s imagine what’s next together.

Employee Engagement

You want to empower your employees to make smart decisions about their benefits, and we want to help make that happen. Just tell us what they need to know, give us a peek at your branding guidelines and choose from a variety of communication options. We’ll go from there.

  • Configurable Communication Portal
    (Employee Homepage)
  • Open Enrollment & New Hire Videos
  • Benefits eGuides & Microsites
  • Custom Enrollment Communications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Fulfillment
  • bswift ElevateTM mobile app

bswift Navigation Advocate
A healthcare navigation solution,
powered by Health AdvocateSM

Our solution leverages digital and telephonic tools to help employees navigate their complex benefits ecosystem, improving engagement and satisfaction with your benefits program. Through a seamless integration with the bswift platform and Service Center, employees can receive unlimited healthcare and benefits support, 24/7. bswift Navigation Advocate supports employees with:

  • Care coordination
  • Clinical decision-making
  • Finding the right doctors
  • Administrative healthcare and benefits tasks

bswift Navigation Advocate Screenshot on Laptop

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