bWise – Ep 17: Jin Oak Ha, President & CEO, on taking bswift to the next level in 2022 and beyond

Jin Oak Ha

Description of this episode

Join our hosts as they meet with Jin Oak Ha, bswift’s new President and Chief Executive Officer. During the discussion Jin Oak lends her thoughts on how employers are faced with different challenges than they faced 18-24 months ago in a pre-pandemic world. Employers have been tasked with helping employees navigate creating safe work spaces, mental health struggles, work from home engagement, etc. Jin Oak shares her perspective with the audience in this episode on how bswift is well positioned to continue to support employers with their emerging needs given these unprecedented times.

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About Jin Oak Ha

Jin Oak Ha is a seasoned healthcare executive with 25+ years of experience and serves as President and CEO at bswift, a CVS Health company, providing technology solutions and services support for all aspects of benefits administration including COVID-19 vaccine attestation. Jin Oak is a CFO by education but brings a deep understanding of operations and out of the box thinking to mature and growth businesses. She has also served in Executive Sponsor roles supporting her passion for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as well as mentoring and sponsorship. She is responsible for the strategic vision, growth and culture at bswift.

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