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    Jin Oak Ha: (00:00)
    It takes a village to be able to support clients. And as part of that, it’s really important that team members, our staff and our leaders understand the why.

    Having that personal impact as a leader, I think is so critical. And more importantly, it’s delivering on our commitments, not only to our clients, but to our staff.

    John Hansen: (00:28)
    The thing I like about our benefits business is all about helping people. Technology isn’t an end in itself, it’s a means to an end, and it continually changes. So, I just feel like that’s an important bridge that I can help provide.

    Mike Brown: (00:40)
    You know, I like to think of myself as a relationship developer, as someone who truly takes the time to understand the skill sets that everyone has and where people aspire to be, and being able to construct the right teams that can effectively deliver for our clients.

    Tracey Eisman: (00:57)
    The focus of it really is service. I just don’t think we can underestimate the fantastic experience that our service center colleagues have really, truly understanding what our users go through. They just have that client service DNA in them.

    John Hansen: (01:16)
    The one thing I’m sure about is five years from now, the technologies we use today will look old. And so, the great thing about being in technology is that the answers are constantly changing. I think the problems are really not, right. So, we’re still trying to figure out how to use it to just better mankind.

    Tracey Eisman: (01:32)
    You know, I think the thing that makes the bswift service center unique is that it’s not a contact center. It’s not a call center. That’s something that is really woven throughout everything we do.

    Jin Oak Ha: (01:45)
    I think there is a lot of opportunity to engage partners, to be able to bring differentiated value offerings to our client through emerging needs that are happening in the industry.

    Mike Brown: (01:59)
    You take care of your internal customers, they’ll take care of your external customers. And that’s the environment, the culture, that we’ve worked very hard to cultivate at bswift over the years.

    Tracey Eisman: (02:13)
    It’s in the hiring we do, it’s in the onboarding and the training we do, and it’s in the service we provide. So, I would say that that’s a very big differentiator for us.

    John Hansen: (02:22)
    There’s a circle of things you’re good at, there’s a circle of things you enjoy doing, and there’s a circle of things the company needs. And if you can get those three things to overlap, then you’re bound to be successful because you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re good at what you’re doing, and the company needs what you’re doing.

    Jin Oak Ha: (02:37)
    I do feel as though there’s great opportunity for the bswift platform, for the service and the client delivery to be more than the traditional benefits administration service offering. And I’m confident we can find solutions to even the most complex benefits administration needs.

    Mike Brown: (02:54)
    You know, kind of the moniker as we’ve said at bswift, create raving fans, that really starts with our people. And I think now that holds more true than ever.

    What’s our “why”? Hear what drives our leadership team to deeply understand and deliver for our employee and customer needs – resulting in a platform and service that is more than just a traditional benefits administration solution.

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