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    bswift has a great combination of technology and support. I think you’ve got a lot of vendors out there that do really well at one or the other, but I think bswift does very well at both. My name is Shannon McCLoud and I am SVP of the Benefits Administration Services Team at NFP and I oversee the team that implements and supports bswift for our clients. NFP is an insurance brokerage and we have a large number of clients with a variety of needs, and bswift really offered system that was flexible, that could be a solution for clients with those variety of needs. The most common piece of feedback we get from clients is it’s user-friendly and it’s user-friendly from the end user employee experience to the admin user experience. We have a great support team here that, you know, is willing to help us in any way that we can to gain new business and to retain the business that we have. I think communication is key. I mean, we have very frequent communication, frequent meetings with the team so that they understand the landscape of our organization, understand our needs. They’ve gotten to know us and they’ve been very receptive. Our opinions and our feedback are being valued and truly taken into consideration. We had a large client that wanted to utilize the ACA variable hour tracking module within bswift, and they were large, they’re complex, they’ve got a lot of moving pieces, and bswift knocked it out of the park, and I think that they worked well with our team, worked well with the client, and it was an overall very successful experience for everybody. We’ve been doing it for 14 years and I see us continuing to do it for many, many years to come.

    Learn how bswift provides the HR tech, flexibility, user-friendly interface, and robust support NFP needs to serve its wide range of clients and their varied benefits needs.

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