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    I’ve worked with bswift and the team since 2001, and having a long history of kind of knowing the team, knowing the platform, we felt, as we were kind of expanding our services, that bswift was gonna be a good partner to help us not only from a technology perspective, but also from a solutions perspective. My name’s Bill Anderson. I am the Practice Leader for Bolton’s Benefit Administration Services Team. We are headquartered out of Baltimore, Maryland. We provide health and welfare consulting, investment consulting, and retirement consulting. There’s a lot of functionality within bswift. I’d probably say the primary area was just the ease of enrollment for our clients’ employees. bswift has added a lot of nice looks and feel to it, but they’ve kept a real simplicity to the enrollment process. That’s probably one of the number one things we’ve got from feedback and why we chose them. This has been very intuitive for their members to be able to log on, get through their enrollment, and understand what to do and where to go next to complete that enrollment. We work with a lot of different carriers and, you know, work with a lot of different products, and they’ve been able to handle that better than some of the other systems, so their integration with some of the carrier partners we work with has also made the process a lot simpler for us. No one’s gonna know the system as well as the people who have designed it and support it day in day out. It’s been really great.

    Bolton partners with bswift for an intuitive, user-friendly benefits platform and exceptional support. The ease-of-use simplifies an often complex process for employees and seamless carrier integrations alleviate administrative burdens, freeing HR up to focus on their people.

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