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    What we appreciate most about bswift is their commitment to excellence. They’re with you every step of the way. They’re committed to your mutual success, and they’re absolutely there to help you solve problems. My name is Kelly Silverman. I’m director of Partnership Growth for Paycor. My role is to grow partnerships and to nurture our partnerships and work towards mutual success. It came down to four things for us when we decided to work with bswift. One was really expertise, the other was product functionality. It also came down to trust and cultural alignment. The thing we loved about bswift the most was communication. They were absolutely fantastic in coming to the table with solutions. There was no back and forth. It was, “What can we do to make this successful for you?” bswift has really helped us have an outstanding customer experience for our clients. The open enrollment wizard is what comes to mind in terms of success. What we hear from our customers the most is that it’s a seamless experience and how much it improves the open enrollment process for them. It makes it much easier, they can self-serve, and it really reduces the amount of questions that come back to the admins. So the usability is fantastic, and the open enrollment innovation is just fantastic. I would also say where bswift leads the pack, especially from a technology standpoint, really working with our APIs so that we can have a seamless unified connection for all of our customers. The systems are speaking to each other, it’s completely seamless and integrated. It’s just made everything easier for Paycor. bswift is a true partner. It’s been a wonderful experience. They’re a critical part of our business and we expect to see that for many years to come.

    Learn how the expertise, seamless integration, and customer-focused approach of benefits admin platform bswift supports Paycor’s market-leading HR and payroll solutions.

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