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The benefits and healthcare ecosystem is complex and, as a result, often difficult for employees to navigate. In fact, since the onset of the pandemic, 86% of employees have said that navigating and utilizing their employee benefits plan has been challenging.1

Here’s the bottom line: you can put together a stellar benefits package for your employees, but if they struggle to understand, navigate, and utilize it, engagement and satisfaction with it will stay low. By offering benefits navigation support as part of the employee experience, employers can:

  • Deliver a more unified benefits and healthcare experience
  • Improve engagement and utilization of their employee benefits package
  • Help deliver better health and financial outcomes to employees.

As you define your navigation strategy, use this checklist to ensure you have the key areas your employees may need support with all covered.

Coordinating Care

There are many pieces to the healthcare puzzle and navigating between each can be a challenge. From different providers, to insurance carriers and benefits vendors, employees can feel like they are constantly getting bounced around. Here are a few ways you can simplify the process for them:

checkmarkHelp them coordinate clinical services across all the different aspects of their care

checkmarkCommunicate key information between providers, carriers, and benefits vendors

checkmarkSend reminders to help them keep track of their own and their family members’ care
(i.e. making sure they schedule and attend appointments)

Healthcare Decision-Making

Making the right care decisions requires a lot of consideration and research. Here’s how you can help get your employees the information they need to make informed decisions for themselves and their family members:

checkmarkConnect them with medical professionals who can answer questions about
diagnoses, medical conditions, treatments, test and more

checkmarkHelp them develop questions to ask their care providers that will help them
be more informed about their care

checkmarkProvide them with resources they need to make treatment decisions based on
the latest evidence-based practices and research

Finding the Right Providers

We all know that looking for a provider that fits our unique needs can take some time. Here are a few ways you can help your employees navigate and narrow down the right provider options:

checkmarkHelp them search for providers that are in-network

checkmarkProvide access to expert medical opinion reviews

checkmarkProvide tools and resources to help them find the right experts
for a second medical opinion

Tackling Administrative Tasks

Using benefits can come with a whole host of administrative tasks and coordination which can often be complex and time-consuming. Here’s how you can intervene to help simplify the administrative side of healthcare for your employees:

checkmarkHelp them with reviewing and understanding care coverage
and benefits provisions

checkmarkSupport with resolving claims and billing issues

checkmarkAssistance with understanding the cost and quality of their care
and negotiating payment arrangements


With healthcare services usage expected to be high this year, it’s essential for employers to deliver navigation support in these ways. Work with a vendor that can deliver an all-in-one navigation and enrollment solution to help you deliver a better care experience to your workforce and achieve improved outcomes for your benefits package.



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1 Source: A study commissioned by Forrester Consulting on behalf of bswift, March 2021

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