Reduce Barriers to Care: bswift Enables Same-Day Pharmacy Benefits


There will be no more waiting around when it comes to getting prescription drug coverage up and running thanks to bswift. We’ve proudly launched real-time integration with a leading pharmacy benefits provider – an innovation that enables day-one activation of prescription benefits.

“Our mission is to ensure timely access to the benefits and care people need, supporting them on their journey toward better health and well-being,” said bswift CEO, Ted Bloomberg. “With same-day pharmacy activation, we’re leading the market in benefits accessibility by ensuring medications are available from day one of coverage for millions of Americans.”

Say Goodbye to Health Care Barriers and Hello to Simplicity

With bswift, employees can access their pharmacy coverage on the first day of eligibility, removing a major barrier in access to care and needed medications. Considering around 6 in 10 adults currently take at least one prescription medication daily, according to Kaiser Family Foundation research, avoiding these delays is critically important.

“We’re proud to lead the industry in removing obstacles between people and their prescriptions. Our new integration supports our mission to improve lives by making benefits simple, smart, and stress-free,” said bswift Executive Vice President of Strategic Product Management John Hansen.

Thanks to bswift’s seamless integrations, members are promptly notified of their active prescription benefits via email or text upon enrollment. This enables continuous support for their health care needs.

Employers Can Strengthen Their Value Proposition with bswift

For employers, bswift’s real-time access model strengthens the value proposition, aiding both recruitment and retention. And, those with health issues face fewer barriers to the care they need.

In the end, this is just another case of bswift’s innovative work raising the bar for consumer-centric benefits technology and administration—a move that makes things simpler for employees and HR.


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