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We are bswift Video Transcript

Samantha: 00:02 Consider us friends.

Zoya: 00:04 Count on us like family.

Patrick: 00:06 Because we’re not just your account team.

Jennifer: 00:08 Or even a call center.

Darlene: 00:10 And you’re not just a client.

Keith: 00:11 We’re pros.

Tracey: 00:12 Experts in benefits administration.

Sarah: 00:15 With a passion to be the best.

Katzimier: 00:17 Committed to exceptional service.

Jennifer: 00:18 And we’re really good at it, too.

Justin: 00:23 We’re visionaries.

Darlene: 00:25 Leaders in personalized technology.

Sarah: 00:27 Innovation.

Katzimier: 00:28 And data security.

Zoya: 00:29 On a mission to simplify benefits.

Samantha: 00:31 Always.

Suraj: 00:33 But behind all that-

Sue: 00:34 And above all that-

Renauld: 00:35 We’re people too.

Darlene: 00:36 Dynamic.

Katzimier: 00:37 Compassionate.

Sarah: 00:37 Inspired people.

Justin: 00:39 Relentless in our pursuit to understand you.

Mary: 00:42 And your needs.

Tracey: 00:43 To be your partner.

Samantha: 00:44 And to make you feel confident and cared for.

Abosede: 00:47 With every conversation-

Garrett: 00:49 And every interaction.

Colleen: 00:51 Every.

Sam: 00:51 Single.

Beth: 00:53 Day.

Keith: 00:56 You have our word.

Title Card: 00:57 We are bswift.

Title Card: 01:00 bswift®

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