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JELD-WEN Customer Story Video Transcript

JELD-WEN is a large global window and door manufacturing company. We have about 9500 employees here in the United States, and the rest of our employees are spread out across the world.

Of all the vendors we looked at when we went to market for this service, bswift had the capabilities that hit all of the core things that we were looking for in a system.

What I really like about the bswift system is it is a comprehensive tool. It can handle life-event situations where employees can easily make enrollment changes as things happen in their life. It makes open enrollment very easy to administer for our employees.

It handles everything from the initial employee election, to the education process to getting information out to our vendors to the payroll, payroll closed loop process.

Additionally it helps us stay compliant with the AC Mandates and gives us the flexibility that as we grow our benefits program in the future, we’re confident that the bswift system will be able to handle whatever we want to put in place.

After we used Ask Emma and had the decision support tool in place for open enrollment we did meet our goal of increasing the enrollment in the high deductible plan, and we increased enrollment by over 250% from one year to the next.

As we think about our benefit strategy going forward, one of our goals is to help our employees be better consumers of health care, and this site provides the hub for them to be able to do that. From the election process to the education process to learning about how to use the benefits once they’ve elected them.

All the boxes that we were looking for, they checked every one.