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bswift is a trusted partner helping organizations optimize benefits management through personalized experiences, data-driven insights and powerful administration tools. We can help boost engagement and outcomes for employers and employees.

Our dedicated team provides ongoing guidance and strategies tailored to your benefits ecosystem and your goals.

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The Top 5 HR Trends of 2023: Leveraging Tech to Put the ‘Human’ Back in HR

Does it sometimes feel like the “human” aspect of your HR processes is missing? Here are 5 trends for 2023 that show how leveraging technology can make a difference for your HR teams.

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Boost Benefits Engagement and Transform Your Business: Download Our Free Study Now

A bswift commissioned Forrester Consulting survey of 300 HR and EX professionals

HR decision-makers know that employee benefits impact EX and retention. Yet, 71% say that their employees underutilize their benefits.

Discover practical strategies to drive employee wellness, optimize benefit utilization, and enhance business performance with Beyond Benefits: Why Employee Benefit Engagement Is Vital to Your Business. Download this free whitepaper for HR professionals now!

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Fueling Outcomes: bswift’s Innovation Strategy and Latest Enhancements

Transform your benefits experience with bswift. Simplified administration, personalized content, integrated data, and powerful tools. Join us in revolutionizing benefits administration for a more engaging and efficient employee experience.

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    Unlock the Power of Your Employee Benefits

    Employee benefits are key to attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent

    Learn how to boost employee engagement and retention by maximizing the potential of your employee benefits program. Discover solutions to the underutilization gap and the key strategies to drive engagement.

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    Communications 101

    Annual Enrollment Tips from bswift’s Communication Practice

    bswift’s Communication Practice has their top recommendations for keeping your benefits communications fresh, engaging and employee-focused – both during AE, and year-round!

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