bswift Platform: New Homepage Experience

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    Benefit can be confusing.
    There’s just so many programs, acronyms, apps, documents and costs.
    It’s no wonder our eyes start to cross come enrollment time.
    But what if we can make it simpler.
    What if we looked at benefits differently?
    Here at bswift we’ve done just that.
    We’ve thought about you and how you interact with the world around you, the devices you use, and the times you need us most.
    We’ve listened to what you want to see and how you need to be supported.
    And what we heard was that this is not just benefits.
    These are personal moments in life, no matter how little, monumental, confusing or straightforward.
    And with that in mind, we’ve created a new amazing personalized experience for you.
    Whether you started a new job, had a new baby, or even adopted a new pet, bswift guides you through those moments and so much more.
    It’s not just enrollment anymore.
    We want you back here time and time again.
    When you think moments, you think bswift.
    This is your site, your moment.
    We are here for you.
    bswift – with you every moment.

    Coming soon! In early 2023, bswift is launching a new homepage experience for our platform. It’s not just about managing benefits – whether an employee has a new job, a new baby, or has even adopted a new pet, we know these are all deeply personal moments. Our new homepage experience guides employees through all of this, and so much more. It’s their moment, and we’re here for them.

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