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bswift Customer Stories Video Transcript

Card: the bswift experience

What is the bswift experience?  Well, the reviews are in.

Card:  the reviews are in

It’s a great tool.
It’s the personalized service.
Everybody was thrilled.
I can’t believe they could do this.
We had nothing like that ever before.

Card:  the difference was clear

Our previous experience we found to be a little challenging.
The move to bswift was a great opportunity for us to enhance the employee experience.
They really did offer additional value over what we had previously.

Card:  the benefits are everywhere

We love that employees can model costs and really understand their benefits.
I use a million standard reports but I can print my own reports and to me that was a huge improvement over what we were able to get before.
bswift has a lot of solutions that our payroll software didn’t.  They could do life events, they could do enrollment ongoing.
We had over ninety percent participation in a passive enrollment year which was…it’s just unheard of.

Card:  the service was personal

I think it’s the team…the team that we have at bswift.
They’re passionate about offering the right solutions and they’ve got the right processes and they’ve got the right technology and they’ve got the right approach.
It has been one of the best experiences we’ve had with benefits softwares ever.

Card:  be more than a benefits administrator

Be more than a benefits administrator.  bswift.

Card:  learn more at