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Insights / bswift, Aetna & CVS Video Transcript

bswift, Aetna & CVS: Your New Front Door to Health Video Transcript

So, we have an opportunity to truly create a front door to health for consumers everywhere.

I think bswift has the potential to go way beyond just benefits administration and enrollment into playing a part in your day-to-day life as you engage with the world of health.

Making decisions about your health is difficult — not just picking what medical plan you’re gonna sign up your family for, but what are the connected devices that are most appropriate for different members of your family?

So you can imagine walking into a CVS HealthHUB in the future and seeing a wall of connected devices where you would actually be able to get some help figuring out which ones are most appropriate for you and for your child, who might have a completely different set of health concerns than you do.

This kind of decision support in the world of health is something that I think is gonna play a critical role in helping us use these technologies more effectively in the future.

I think the most important thing here is, how do we take these technologies and stitch them together in experiences that actually matter to people?

One of the things CVS and Aetna are very, very good at is combining that digital experience with a physical experience.

And I think we have a unique opportunity to deliver a set of solutions that are truly meaningful and impactful for our customers.

Just like we have, you know, go-to brands that we use when we want information online or when we need transportation, I think CVS-Aetna can be that go-to brand for health for everyone.