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bswift + Aetna Customer Story Video Transcript

When bswift joined Aetna people got excited.

Everybody was thrilled.

It’s a great tool.

I can’t believe they could do this.

We had a lot of fun.

Our previous experience we found to be a little challenging.

It was almost like a 1970’s black and white TV compared to a modern day curved 4k smart technology.

We love that employees can model costs and really understand their benefits.

I use a million standard reports but I can print my own reports and to me that was a huge improvement over what we were able to get before.

We had over 90% participation in a passive enrollment year which was…it’s unheard of.

I think it’s their team.  The team that we have at bswift.

The team’s been really good and been very responsive to our needs.

They’re passionate about offering the right solutions and they’ve got the right processes and they’ve got the right technology and they’ve got the right approach.

Even when we’re dealing with the nitty gritty numbers and payroll complexities somehow we had a good time with that.

Be more than a benefits administrator.