Benefits technology platforms must deliver major upgrades in a post-pandemic world

Whitepaper by bswift

New joint whitepaper from bswift and Human Resource Executive (HRE)

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on employee benefit and healthcare usage and spending is undeniable.

As Covid subsides, the use of traditional healthcare benefits is projected to rebound throughout 2022 and beyond, resulting in a corresponding increase in employee healthcare spending that will, in turn, likely drive up employer costs.

In this new joint white paper from bswift and Human Resource Executive, explore how employers must urgently reevaluate how their healthcare and benefits programs are managed and delivered in light of employees’ pressing need for and use of them in today’s environment.

A secondary trend unfolding due to the pandemic is the emergence of the hybrid work model. With the world becoming increasingly virtual, it’s critical for employers to partner with providers who operate with a digital-first mindset. This white paper offers recommendations to help employers deliver a highly personalized online benefits experience. The overall result? An employee benefits journey that truly engages employees via a single, easily accessible, intuitive solution – driving improved engagement with their benefits to meet their personal wellbeing needs.

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