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Auto Group Builder Video Transcript

You’re a pro, and that means you’ve got a plan for setting up your new clients, and for renewing your existing ones. But with the tools you have now, that can be a long and difficult process. With so many clients and so much repetitive work, those systems just about guarantee you’ll be missing information, while incorrect data slips into the system, slowing everything down and frustrating you and your clients.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you use bswift’s Exchange Technology, now known as the Auto Group Builder, those problems are all in the past.

Through the Auto Group Builder, you’ll avoid the endless copy and pasting with reusable plan configurations to efficiently manage your whole host of clients.

bswift’s Auto Group Builder figures out what you need by drawing on standardized information you enter for each of your small groups.

From there, the Auto Group Builder takes you through a templated application process. And with real-time validations to make sure all the information is complete, the Auto Group Builder helps you spot missing and incorrect data before it causes any trouble.

Once your form is done and submitted, the Auto Group Builder will use it to create a functioning enrollment site, for each of your groups, in a matter of minutes. That enrollment site will have the pre-determined site configuration and enrollment experience for your clients, and allow their employees to learn about and choose all of their benefits.

This gives your clients and their employees fast access to a smooth enrollment process in a fraction of the time, no matter how big or small they may be.

With the Auto Group Builder, you can install and manage your groups by yourself – even with different client variables like multiple benefit classes or varying contribution strategies. No more waiting for carriers to do it. So you can sit back, and get all of that done on your schedule.

bswift’s Auto Group Builder lets you give your small group clients and their employees a big business experience, without the big price tag.

So ditch the tools that are holding you back, and use the Auto Group Builder from bswift instead. Reach out to your sales or support team to learn more.