Author: Don Garlitz

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PodcastsMar 26, 2024

bWise – Ep 27: Streamlining Benefits Admin: Real-World Wisdom from Industry Vet Maria Yao

Overwhelmed by the accelerating pace of change in benefits administration? The latest episode of the bwise Podcast is a masterclass in optimizing operations.

PodcastsMar 13, 2024

bWise – Ep 26: Achieving Liftoff: Lana Hillebrand’s Journey From Astronaut Aspirations to HR Industry Leader

In this episode, hosts Don and Sharon sit down with HR and benefits administration leader Lana Hillebrand, former Chief Administrative Officer at American Electric Power Company, Inc., who recently joined bswift’s advisory council.

Scott Millson Thumbnail

PodcastsFeb 19, 2024

bWise – Ep 25: Navigating the Future of Ben Admin: A Conversation With Scott Millson

On this episode, benefit administration insider Scott Millson shares his unique perspective on his over three decades in the employee benefits field.

PodcastsJan 18, 2024

bWise – Ep 24: Ice Baths to Client Service Excellence: A Conversation With bswift COO Amit Jain

Listen in as bswift Chief Operating Officer, Amit Jain, talks about his passion for client service, his unique approach to leadership, and his vision for the future.

PodcastsNov 14, 2023

bWise – Ep 23: Shaping Culture and Service: A People-First Approach to HR with bswift’s Natalie Atwood

How can HR professionals be true people partners that empower and shape company culture? bswift’s Chief People Officer Natalie Atwood talks with bWise hosts Don and Sharon about her passion for putting people first.

PodcastsAug 23, 2023

bWise – Ep 22: Driving Operational Excellence at bswift With Adam Hostetter

Tune in for an illuminating discussion on how Adam’s operational leadership expertise is propelling bswift’s world-class benefits administration.