Hire Emma®: bswift’s AI HR Assistant That Pays for Herself

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Dear Hiring Manager,

I’m Emma, bswift’s suite of virtual HR assistant tools, including the AI-powered Emma chatbot and the Ask Emma personalized decision support tool. I’m excited about the chance to join your HR team. My goal is to improve the employee experience. And as an always-on, tireless employee, I can provide 24/7 support to your staff and dramatically reduce your workload.  

As part of bswift’s 25+ year history of revolutionizing HR tech and benefits administration, I’m confident that I have the skills and experience to help your team take your benefits administration to the next level. 

Overworked and understaffed? I’ll resolve employee inquiries around the clock

As a virtual HR assistant, I’m available nights, weekends, and holidays to provide benefits help for your staff when your HR team is normally unavailable. Thanks to my AI enhancements, I can deliver employee support through my Emma chatbot functionality. In fact, I can independently handle routine benefits questions from your organization’s employees at any hour of the day or night. They’ll have support no matter when issues arise. 

And I don’t take vacations—that way, you and your team can. 

I’m already resolving 87% of inquiries on my own and fielding 77% of those questions outside normal business hours. With me onboard, your HR ticket volume will plunge as I absorb a lot of the more routine and repetitive questions. My goal is to free you and your HR staff up to focus on strategic initiatives and the big picture.   

I’ll gladly handle those high-volume, mundane tasks so your people can dedicate their time to high-impact projects. Here’s what you can count on me to do: 

  • Provide round-the-clock assistance  
  • Independently resolve routine HR inquiries about benefits 
  • Field benefits-related questions outside business hours  
  • Allow your team to focus on the high-value, high-impact projects 

Hyper-personalized guidance for happier, more productive employees

Thanks to the advanced algorithms in my Ask Emma decision support tool, I can help you provide each employee with tailored benefits recommendations. I walk staff through choosing the right coverage for them. I’ll take the time to explain things, and I’ll use simple terms that can make your great benefits package easier to understand.  

My goal is to help every employee select the benefits and coverages that fit their needs, so they feel empowered and supported. This can help you improve the employee experience, and foster higher engagement, satisfaction, productivity, and retention. 

Natural conversation powered by cutting-edge AI for HR

Ask Emma Virtual Assistant Chat Window for personalized benefits enrollment guidance. Emma, the AI HR assistant and virtual decision support tool, wants to work for your HR teamMy intelligent design makes talking with me about benefits topics easy and natural. I leverage Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and machine learning in my Emma chatbot to understand context, and my knowledge improves daily. Your employees can ask me benefits questions just like they would a coworker—no complex menus or robotic speech.  

My friendly personality puts employees at ease when asking questions without judgement. My aim is to brighten a stressful day and deliver easy-to-understand information and compassionate responses.   

With my suite of virtual HR assistant tools containing decision support for enrollment guidance and an AI HR assistant for post-enrollment support, I can provide your organization a huge time savings and improve the employee experience. I’m excited at the prospect of joining your innovative HR team! Please let me know if you have any other questions as you consider my application. I look forward to hearing from you! 


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See my capabilities for yourself and learn how I can pay for myself in time savings and productivity gains.

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