A Forrester Study – Responding To Permanent Pandemic Changes In The Workplace

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Solutions For Evolving Employer And Employee Benefits Needs

The work-life transformation underway in America was significantly accelerated by the events of 2020. As millions of workers transitioned to remote work and juggled increased and new responsibilities at home, HR teams found themselves on the front lines navigating an ever-changing set of needs, requirements, and expectations to reach and assist their workforce during an extremely disruptive time. Challenges and opportunities emerged that employers and employees should be aware of and ready to meet, including gaps in benefits technology, changes in benefits usage, and increased expectations from employees.Cover of Forrester Thought Leadership Paper

bswift commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the changing benefits needs of employees and the preparedness of employers to offer and adapt to those needs.




Pandemic shifts employer priorities and employee usage of benefits. As employees used benefits in new ways, employers had to demonstrate agility by adapting their offerings to new expectations.

Lack of a comprehensive strategy outlines clear need for improved benefits tech and processes. Businesses struggled with noticeable technology gaps, a lack of reporting, and increased data security risk because of the pandemic.

A streamlined and comprehensive benefits administration solution solves critical education, relationship, and employee experience challenges. Benefits are directly tied to employee experience, and a streamlined tool could solve for the critical challenges that stand in the way of an improved experience. Additionally, employees need more benefits education and more empathetic, effective communications from employers.

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A discussion around the Forrester Study findings focused on how the virtual work environment has permanently changed employee expectations and benefit technology needs.

Tracey Eisman, Senior Vice President, Channel Partner Operations, bswift
Don Garlitz, Senior Vice President, Partnerships, bswift
Maria Keller, Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement, bswift



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