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We want to help our customers and partners stay ahead of the curve in the complex and rapidly changing world of benefits and health care. bswift encourages dialogue and offers useful information through our resources.

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Mike DiSimone and Paul Sari

PodcastsMar 15, 2021

bWise – Ep 11: “Plan, Save and Pay” Consumer Driven Health Plan Strategies with PayFlex’s President and CEO, Mike DiSimone and Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Sari

Sharing new trends in the consumer directed health and savings account space.

Woman happy with implementation and launch process

ArticlesFeb 24, 2021

What to Expect: Implementation and Launch of Your New Benefits Administration Solution

As you move into this final phase of moving to a new ben admin provider, we’ve outlined what you can expect during implementation and shared a few tips for launching your new solution to your workforce.

Woman reviewing checklist

ArticlesFeb 2, 2021

Tips & Checklists for Selecting the Right Benefits Administration Provider

Once you’ve determined you need a new ben admin solution, it’s time to determine what you should look for in a provider and kick off your search. We’ve put together a few tips and checklists to help you navigate this next step of your journey.

John A. Cellucci

PodcastsJan 4, 2021

bWise – Ep 10: Center of Excellence: A Broker Strategy in an Unprecedented Time with Partner and Managing Director of AP Benefit Advisors, John Cellucci

During our conversation we discuss what Assured Partners values when it comes to broker services and John’s view around the future of underwriting.

Woman working

ArticlesNov 20, 2020

5 Signs That You Need to Consider a New Benefits Administration Platform

How do you know when it’s time to consider a new benefits administration solution? Here are five reasons why you should start your search.

Carla Pollard Stewart and Sanjiv Anand

PodcastsNov 19, 2020

bWise Special Episode: Driving Change to Dismantle Systemic Racism

A discussion on workplace diversity and inclusion with bswift President & CEO Sanjiv Anand and Sr. Director of HR Carla Pollard Stewart.