bswift’s Emma Co-Pilot Transforms Employee Benefits Administration with AI and the Human Touch

Leveraging Mindful AI to transform the customer service experience

Employee benefits administration just got a lot smarter. Emma™ Co-Pilot, introduced at bswift’s annual Idea Exchange conference, marks a significant leap in employee benefits support. Our service tool blends artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with human insight, offering a more personalized, efficient, and empathetic customer service experience. 

Ted Bloomberg, CEO of bswift, emphasized that Emma Co-Pilot is grounded in the company’s Mindful AI philosophy, which is based on the principle that AI and human interactions should always work together.  

At bswift, we believe the most effective use of AI is not to replace human interaction but to enhance it,” he said. “Emma Co-Pilot embodies this belief by working hand in hand with our customer service representatives (CSRs) to enrich the human touch with AI-driven insights.” 

Employee Benefits AI, Emma Co-Pilot: Transforming the Employee Experience

HR teams are constantly tackling the administrative burdens that come with complex tasks like annual enrollment and COBRA administration. Emma Co-Pilot helps address these challenges by leveraging AI to personalize service, proactively address questions, and ensure consistent service excellence.  

  • Tailored Personalization: Leveraging a comprehensive database of benefits data and customer histories, Emma Co-Pilot provides our CSRs with individualized insights to personalize service for each customer. 
  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Emma Co-Pilot proactively addresses customer inquiries, anticipating concerns and providing guidance to ensure comprehensive service. 
  • Consistent Service Excellence: Committed to high-quality service, Emma Co-Pilot equips CSRs with AI-enhanced insights for the best support experience. 

Blending human empathy and cutting-edge technology is just another way bswift reduces administrative burden, empowers employees and strengthens HR’s strategic impact.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Employee Benefits AI

The launch of Emma Co-Pilot is just the beginning. bswift is committed to continuous innovation in AI-powered tools and features that will further revolutionize employee benefits management. 

For more information and to explore how Emma Co-Pilot is leading the transformation in service excellence, read our press release. 


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