Omnicom Group Customer Story

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    A few words to describe the bswift technology. Flexible, customizable, user-friendly. Their ability to customize solutions for our complex organization really made a difference for us. My name is Deb Macchia. I’m VP of Health and Welfare at Omnicom Group, and I’m responsible for the health and wellbeing portfolio, predominantly of our US employees. We do have approximately 180 agencies within our organization, and the way we handle benefits administration is that each agency is set up in bswift as a standalone entity. So it’s not one plan that bswift test to administer on our behalf. It’s 180 plan. bswift is really our tier one customer service arm, our first line of defense, when it comes to our employee needs. Two of the things that bswift offered right from our initial implementation that I think really made a difference for us were, one, a customer service team that could support the agencies individually, and the other item was an agency decision support tool. They brilliantly leveraged the annual enrollment navigation process to create this agency decision support tool, which made a world of difference for us. We talked about 180 different agencies within the company. Each of those homepages is branded at the agency level, so the fact that we’ve been able to put the agency name front and center on the bswift site has made it very personal at the employee level. I’ve truly enjoyed the partnership with them. We’re always focused on continuous process improvement together and our ability to continue to move the needle forward together on behalf of our people and our business.

    See how bswift’s flexible solutions and services helped Omnicom navigate their complex benefits administration needs. Watch now!

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