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    bswift technology, I feel is very easy. It’s user-friendly for our employees. So when our employees do go out onto the platform to enroll, it’s always been great, great experience. My name is Sandy Gonsalves, I am the senior benefits manager at GXO. Recently, we just implemented four new supplemental plans. Previously, these plans were kind of hidden behind scene that someone had to enroll in it, they had to go to another website versus the bswift platform. So, we had put these vendors, these supplemental benefits on the bswift platform so it was upfront, and the enrollment literally quadrupled. So, it was a great success this past year. We just introduced Emma this year and that tool was successful. We had a lot ofutilization this year. Their technology is definitely advanced and simple. The relationship that I have with the management team, it’s been fantastic, it’s perfect. I can’t complain. We work well together. I look at bswift as an extension of GXO because our team is very small at GXO and bswift’s team handles that and takes over what we can’t manage in-house. They do think outside of the box, you know, not everything is always black and white. They do come up with solutions, you know, they don’t make you sit there and try to figure it out. They will help you and they will figure it out for you if you don’t have an answer.

    See how bswift’s flexible solutions and services helped GXO quadruple their benefits enrollment rate.

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