The Key to Success? Think Like Your Clients.

Through Open Enrollment season, the bswift Channel Partners team is laser-focused on servicing our clients and Channel Partners. Providing excellent service enables our clients to cater to the needs of their employees and helps our Channel Partners exceed expectations with their own clients. To successfully deliver great service, our ideology at bswift is simple: we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes!

Here’s everything we take into consideration.

Who exactly is our client?

This question may seem like it should have a straightforward answer: the HR executive and their team who leverages the platform to support their employees’ enrollment, right? While that’s certainly true, it’s important to keep in mind that there is more than one group that we are servicing (in fact, there are quite a few different client groups!)

In addition to the HR team, the employees who log into the platform to select their benefits are also clients. Plus, anyone else who has a part to play in the benefits process, from enrollment to implementation, is a client as well. This can include the:

  • employer’s CFO,
  • insurance broker and vendors (payroll, HRIS and carriers) to whom bswift needs to electronically communicate with on behalf of our clients,
  • Service Center,
  • COBRA, Retiree and verification support teams, and
  • the bswift client service, EDI and payroll teams.

All of these “clients” need to receive excellent service to in turn take good care of employees during their enrollment period.

What does each client value and what do they need?

The ultimate goal is to deliver a product that supports our clients’ need to serve their population in the most effective and efficient way possible. But to different clients, this can mean different things. We take the time to carefully understand exactly what each client needs and values, and tailor our service accordingly:

  • The VP of HR and the HR team value efficiency. They need a flawless open enrollment season, which requires all EDI and other electronic files and integrations to function smoothly. They also need to be well-trained in order to support their employee population.
  • The employer’s CFO values timeliness of the implementation and needs the solution to come out on budget. They will ask if the delivery puts them on track to realize the organization’s expected ROI.
  • The bswift Service Center values personalized experiences. They will need appropriate training on the employer’s culture, the employee population, any changes to the current benefits and, of course, how to accomplish this using bswift.
  • The COBRA, Retiree and verification services teams value organization and clarity. They will need to be trained and processes will need to be documented, tested, communicated and approved to the client; and finally
  • All of the teams above and the bswift internal client services team value teamwork and integration. They will need additional support from technology, leadership and our administrative teams to back them as they work to ensure all questions and needs are handled as quickly and competently as possible.

So, how can YOU deliver excellent client service at your organization?

Based on my experiences here at bswift, here are a few words of advice:

Simply put, do what you say you’re going to do!

  • Implement a quality solution on time and on budget.
  • Ensure your solution is holistic and includes the processes and support needed for all delivery and ongoing teams.
  • Don’t leave any room for surprises – give your team enough time for testing, questions and training.

Be a mind reader.

  • Put yourself in the seat of the VP of HR, the CFO, the broker, the Service Center representative and think about what they will need at every step of the process in order to perform their role.
  • Don’t just answer the question at hand; understand the importance behind the question and be sure you’ve thought ahead about any follow-up questions they may have.
  • Be proactive! Carefully analyze the down- or up-stream impact and bring solutions to the table. The key here? Communication, communication, communication!

Take care of ALL your clients, including your internal teams.

  • Remember, we’re all human – show empathy and care for your clients at every step of the way.
  • Remind all of your clients that they are valued and supported, whether it’s sending an “Open Enrollment Survival Kit” to the HR team; ordering dinner for the client teams in the office working over-time; or regular check-ins with the CFO to garner feedback and provide additional support where needed.

Have a great rest of Open Enrollment and 4th Quarter!

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