Creating an Employee-Centric Benefits Strategy

Employee-Centric Communication Strategy Feature


Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 1:00pm CT / 2:00pm ET

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Two-thirds of employees feel that making sense of their benefits is too complicated.* Why? Ineffective, inconsistent benefits education and the lack of a personalized enrollment experience are likely reasons. With open enrollment approaching, we’ve got a few tips to help you redefine your strategy, demystify enrollment and create an optimal experience for your workforce. * Aflac, 2018

Join communication and technology experts from bswift for an insightful virtual panel discussion on:

  • Strategies for putting your employees at the center of their benefits experience through year-round engagement
  • Understanding employees’ needs and goals to craft personalized benefits communications
  • Tips for building your organization’s unique “benefits brand”

Hear from communication and technology experts at bswift:

Sue Getz Headshot
Sue Getz
Communication Leader –
Practice Leadership at bswift
Justin Dauer Headshot
Justin Dauer
Vice President of
Human-Centered Design and Development at bswift
Robert DiFabio Headshot
Robert DiFabio
Director, North America Benefits at Waters Technologies Corporation





Smiling woman working at computer5 Tips for a Successful and Low-stress Open Enrollment

Whether you’re about to kick off open enrollment or have a month to go, here are a few last-minute tips to help make this year’s enrollment season your best yet.

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bswift OE 2020 Survey

Let’s hear from you!

With open enrollment around the corner, we’re curious to hear about your benefits communication strategy. Please share your experience in this brief, 2 minute survey (plus, you’ll be entered into our raffle to win a pair of wireless headphones!) We look forward to receiving your responses!




Calendar on orange background365 Days of Benefits

We’ve got 3 quick tips for employers to help their workforce engage with their benefits year-round.

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Multigenerational Workforce MeetingTraditionalists Through Gen Z: Benefits Administration and Your Multigenerational Workforce

Although there are varying opinions on the exact date ranges which define each generation, we can all probably agree that each one has their own unique priorities, values and communication style. So, as you may imagine, employee benefits should ideally be administered in a way that is accessible and helpful to everyone. But how can you actually make this happen?

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See firsthand how our platform transformed the benefits experience for the largest construction materials producer in the world.

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