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We want to help our customers and partners stay ahead of the curve in the complex and rapidly changing world of benefits and health care. bswift encourages dialogue and offers useful information through our resources.

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Channel Partners Integration Video Thumbnail

Partner ResourcesNov 3, 2020

bswift’s Integration Tools

If you’re tired of tools that can’t meet your needs, and you want to quickly and efficiently keep up with your changing business needs, easily build your integrations, and connect to a wide network of vendors, bswift is here to help.

Auto Group Builder Video

Partner ResourcesSep 22, 2020

bswift’s Auto Group Builder Solution

Client set up and renewal can be a long and frustrating process. With bswift’s Auto Group Builder solution, you can leverage reusable plan configurations to build functional enrollment sites for clients in just minutes. Learn more in this short video!

Frank Mengert

PodcastsSep 2, 2020

bWise – Ep 8: Frank Mengert, Founder and Creative Visionary of ebm, on leveraging social media to build your business

Frank Mengert joins bswift to discuss all things social media and business, and provides advice on how to contribute to a booming business that can be leveraged by all.

Craig Hasday

PodcastsAug 20, 2020

bWise – Ep 7: Craig Hasday, EPIC Brokers President of National Employee Benefits Practice, on Navigating a Rapidly Changing Health and Benefits Marketplace

Craig joins bWise to discuss the complexities of the current insurance marketplace.

Headshot of Mike Simonds

PodcastsJul 15, 2020

bWise Episode 6: A Sketch of Success from Mike Simonds

The COO of Unum US speaks to his approach to engaging people, his favorite recent reading, and the value of seeing relationships in whole rather than in silos.

Paul Rogers

PodcastsJun 24, 2020

bWise Episode 5: Career Long Success Strategies with Paul Rogers, SVP, Brown & Brown Inc. and President & COO of Pacific Resources

During our discussion with Paul, we dive into the practices that Paul feels have characterized the top members of his team, his mathematical formula to success, as well as the challenges and opportunities of aligning a decentralized organization.