bWise Episode 3: Jamie Hawkins on the Industry Opportunity and the Modern Workforce

Headshot of Jamie Hawkins

Description of this episode

Jamie discusses how to start a business by finding opportunities presented by industry change and gives advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Jamie comments on the importance of establishing a strong business plan and balancing the unwavering commitment an entrepreneur must have to that plan and the ability to change and adapt as needed.

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About Jamie Hawkins

Jamie Hawkins is the Founder and CEO of Benefit Technology Resources, a consulting and benefits admin company she founded in 2008. BTR operates two divisions:

  1. HR Tech Consulting– independent HR Technology consulting for employers on HCM, Talent, and Benefits Administration platforms
  2. Benefits Administration – deployment & support

They have 55 full time employees, that support clients all over the US that have from 100-20,000 employees.

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