bWise – Ep 19: Understanding the User Experience with bswift UX Portfolio Owner, Rachel Bates

Rachel Bates

Description of this episode

Join hosts Don and Sharon as they meet with the bswift UX Portfolio Owner, Rachel Bates, to discuss all things user interface. During this episode we uncover the gaps that benefit administration systems are tasked with closing when looking closely at providing a contemporary user experience for employees. Rachel reviews the philosophy behind how bswift looks at the employee experience and also briefs our audience on new roadmap items that will be unveiled over the next 12-18 months.


About Rachel Bates

Rachel Bates started with bswift in July 2017 on the product management team, where she began her work in the portals area of bswift. From there, the work evolved in to custom client microsites, total rewards statements, the mobile app, and other key projects in the digital end-user portfolio at bswift. She now heads up the UX and creative teams and oversees large projects that have a direct effect on the end user experience of the bswift software. With a slightly eclectic background, her prior experience to bswift includes over 10 years of marketing and web development experience.

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