bWise – Ep 18: Harnessing bswift’s unique position to drive agility at scale to solve employer needs today and tomorrow

John Hansen

Description of this episode

Join our hosts Don and Sharon as they meet with bswift’s new Chief Technology Officer, John Hansen. During this episode, John discusses bswift’s proven ability to deliver flexible and customer-focused ben admin in today’s everchanging environment, and how bswift’s unique position is being harnessed to drive agility at scale to solve key employer needs, both today and tomorrow. Plus, hear what attracted John to bswift as a company and where he plans to take the bswift technology.


About John Hansen

John is a senior IT executive with a proven track record of delivering innovation and platform modernization at scale and building highly engaged technology teams. With nearly 35 years of experience in the administration and outsourcing business, John is an expert in IT infrastructure and system architecture. His achievements include successfully transformed development groups to be more agile and consumer-centric, modernized self-service web platforms and experiences, and launched a new mobile platform and an award-winning, AI-based virtual assistant just to name a few. Prior to joining bswift, John served as Executive Vice President of Technology at Alight, where he was responsible for all consumer facing applications including architecture, application development and support. John earned a B.S. in Business Finance from Bradley University.

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