bWise – Ep 15: Leveraging Change to Drive Opportunity with Apprize Technology

Melissa Brown and Matt Anderle

Description of this episode

Join our hosts as they visit with the managing partners of Apprize Technology, Matt Anderle and Melissa Brown. During this episode we dive into how Apprize has used the insurance industry’s top challenges to build a brand focused on white glove benefit administration support.  Listen in to hear what producers and plan sponsors should be considering when it comes to leveraging technology as we move into 2022.

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About Matt Anderle

Matt joined Apprize in 2017, and became a Partner in August of 2020.  Matt has maintained his role as Director of Business Development, and leads a team that helps share the Apprize story with our many trusted partners and potential clients.  Matt’s background includes over 17 years of experience within the insurance and employee benefits industry.

About Melissa Brown

Since becoming a Partner at Apprize in August 2020, Melissa’s role has evolved to span all areas of the business, focusing on growth and development with a primary emphasis on operations.  As Director of Operations, Melissa oversees exactly what you’d expect: the inner-workings and benefits administration infrastructure that clients don’t see — implementation, renewals, EDI/enrollments, day-to-day processes — as well as the bright, shiny exterior our clients see and experience in our exceptional client service. With more than 18 years of benefits industry knowledge, Melissa has shared her expertise and dedication with Apprize and its clients since 2008.


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