bswift Industry Insights: What Do Consumers Really Want to Buy - Beyond Medical?

Industry Insights

What Do Consumers Really Want to Buy - Beyond Medical?

Consultants and insurers agree that the employee benefits market is entering a new era of consumerism where employers and employees expect greater choice and a retail shopping experience. But what products and services do consumers (aka employees) really want to purchase? And how do they want to buy them? What have been the barriers to adoption in the past, and how can they be overcome?

Join John Johnson, MetLife, and Don Garlitz, bswift, as they explore the recent history of ancillary and voluntary products and discuss the outlook for the future – in both private exchanges as well as in traditional benefit programs.

Discussion topics include:

  • Participation rates
  • Consumer purchasing behavior
  • Buyer profiles
  • Employee education
  • Decision support tools
  • Administrative challenges and solutions


John Johnson
Vice President, Channel Optimization, MetLife

Don Garlitz
Senior Vice President, bswift

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