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Take today to "LEAP" into action

by Ian Helms, Digital Coordinator, bswift

February 29th, 2016

Take Leap Day to

There is a lot of science and math behind leap years, like an average year is actually 365.2425 days, so every 100 years, we skip a leap day. All of that aside, we here at bswift appreciate the extra 24 hours we gain every four years. Every day is a gift, but every February 29 is especially special. We encourage you to take some time to develop your personal and professional self. Here are some personal wellness tips to consider this LEAP day:

  • Learn – One should never stop learning. Professionally you could take some time to dive into some industry news while your morning coffee brews or during your daily commute. Personally, you could take up studying a topic you’ve always been interested in. For example, are you curious about cooking? Pick up a cookbook or download a chef’s podcast to learn about and try a new recipe.
  • Exercise – Outside of the health benefits, exercise is proven to reduce stress. Whether home, work or both have you feeling frustrated, take a moment to do some stretches or meditate at your desk. Take it one step further and pump some iron or do some cardio to really release those endorphins.
  • Achieve – We all set personal goals, and if you’re good, you made them SMART. However, the number one reason we fail to achieve those goals is because we fail to pursue them. Take some time today to cross a short-term goal off your list and make a move on a long-term one.
  • Play – As the old saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Don’t be like Jack. Take some time off from work and treat yourself with something as simple as a shopping excursion or as extravagant as a vacation. One of our three core values at bswift is “More Fun,” so we put together an entire list of 50 ways you can have fun at work.

What are you waiting for? Stop playing the “I just don’t have the time” card. You’ve got an extra day this year, so get to it!

Happy Leap Day from bswift!

Do you have additional ideas or plans for how to spend Leap Day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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